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Water System

A central outdoor water service for all guests is generally operational from May to September for the use of resort clients. Water service inside cabins is provided year-round.

The outdoor system is dependent on current weather conditions that are sadly beyond the control of Management. The maintenance staff cannot foretell an emergency shut down due to water breaks or cold weather and therefore cannot give notice. Please be assured that the staff has your best interests in mind and we always strive to make repairs as quickly as possible.

Water comes from our own well and there is a limit to the amount available.

Washing of trailers is not permitted. Please do not wash the sidewalk, patio, atv or your vehicle on the property. Car washing facilities are available at WaterMagic in Blairmore.

Trailers that wish to have dishwashers and/or washing machines will be subject to an additional charge ($50.00).

Campers found to abuse the water system may be asked to leave the campground.

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