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Lot Maintenance

Anyone who leaves a site in an unclean condition requiring additional maintenance or cleaning will be held responsible for the cost of such clean-up. Camping lots must be kept in a tidy and clean manor. Grass must be kept cut, trimmed and free of all rubbish and debris. Campers notified of problems and complaints regarding their lot must take appropriate action to comply with resort rules or may be asked to leave the campground.

The Crowsnest Pass is a FireSmart Community. Actions to reduce the wildfire threat to our property and our guests property are mandatory.

The following helps keep all of us safe from wildfire:

  • Remove all long grass, shrubs, logs, branches, twigs and needles within 10 metres of your trailer.
  • Always keep a watchful eye on fire pits when they are in use.
  • Have nearby water supply or fire extinguisher for emergencies.
  • Mow the grass within 10 metres of buildings/trailers.