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What if there is an emergency?

Reporting Fires & Other Emergencies

For Serious Emergencies call 911.

The person reporting the incident should remain available in a safe location to relay relevant information to Fire Department or other emergency personnel. Our Location is Adanac Adventures – 1699 East Hillcrest Drive, Hillcrest Mines, AB T0K 1C0. The legal land description is “Section 16, township 7, range 3, meridian W5”. It is advised to post someone at the entrance to direct emergency vehicles.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures:

Each cabin unit is equipped with smoke detectors in case of fire. The Aframe cabin is also equipped with emergency ladders for the upper level. Upon activation of the fire alarm the emergency escape procedure is to evacuate the structure by the nearest exit and to assemble at the parking lot/property main entrance. When the alarm sounds everyone must evacuate the building. Special consideration must be given for evacuation of handicapped individuals. There should be a roll call at the designated safe area to confirm all persons are present and accounted for. Follow instructions, avoid panic, and cooperate with those responding to the emergency. Do not obstruct the responding fire/rescue workers and their equipment. Do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so by fire/rescue worker.

In Case Of Fire:

Check your door by placing the palm of your hand on the door or the knob. If either feels hot, do not open the door. Use alternate exits such as windows if necessary. Stay low but alert to any signs of rescue from the street. Fire extinguishers are available in each unit. Only use a fire extinguisher if you feel it is safe to do so.

Maintenance Emergencies:

During your stay, take time to inspect your home and contact our office to report any damage, maintenance and/or housekeeping concerns. Our maintenance contractors make every effort to provide prompt, efficient service. We strive to make our repairs within 24 hours, but sometimes delays occur. No refund or rate adjustment will be made for mechanical failure or malfunctioning equipment, but we will do our best to make the repair or replacement as soon as possible.